UFO 2012 (by DaSuppaStudios)

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Turn-based strategy with elements of RPG.
Development: The company Aksetta (Kazan) 
Publisher: Da Suppa Studios

Turn-based strategy with RPG elements.
The mysterious organization founded by former mercenary, absurd at first sight, the task is to compile a team of fighters who have to deal with space aliens in one of the most remote villages in the world. Who would have guessed that one of the members of this mysterious intermediary organizations - Smith - will play a key role in the salvation of humanity's fate.

NOTE: This is a hacked version of the MSS 2012. Simple to install, hit the game button "to synchronize", send SMS (do not worry, in case of burglary, the number has been replaced by an internal port of the phone, ie phone tries to send an SMS to itself and the money comes off, a maximum of 1 ruble). Game hacked. 

(language: Russian)

240x320 / Multiscreen (N95) | MIRROR