360ting Player (Applivation)

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360ting - Powerfull Chinese audio player with more capabilities and excellent sound. Competitor KuGou and TTpod.

- Play all major formats;- 10-band equalizer;
- Clock slip-timer;
- View information on the track to display on your desktop;
- Smooth volume change;
- Search for music and lyrics straight from the player on the Internet;
- Download oblozhok;
- Ability to download tracks from the Internet;
- Repeat the playlist and tracks;
- And many more =)
To start the player needs a patch from TTPOD!To display the Russian translation should be a third-party font!


1. The number keys control the menu options for easy keyboard operation;
2. 10 User balance of domestic and foreign enthusiasts to download and install directly to the skin produced by;
3. The opening of the new logo;Optimization:
4. Optimize the access point approach;
5. Optimize the sound to resolve with the other players at the same time open the sound failure problem;
6. Playback engine changes to solve the switch songs stuck or restart of the problem;
7. More fluid experience for a list of switches to raise the overall operation of feelings;
Fix bug:
8. Fix random mode, random play sometimes problems;
9. Fix color settings after restarting the software can not save the problem;
10. Change the location of the desktop model of peeling recovery issues;
11. Modify the sleep patterns of conflict with other operations
Disclaimer: This download is for personal use (mobile phones) only. Kindly do not copy, modify, distribute or sell the whole or parts of this file without permission of the creator.

DOWNLOAD  (symbian OS 9.1 / 9.3 / 9.4)

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