Mortal Kombat : Unlimited (by Unknown)

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Remake of the famous and the mega-popular fighting game of all time, but done in the genre Beat 'em up. The game boasts proprietary graphics, new Persians and various special effects. Complexity hellish enough, but the developer has provided 90 continuum, and Chita. We're playing for the "good guys" who must defeat a gang of Shao Kahn ;-) The choice available to Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Reydan, Jax, Milena and John Cage, you can change a fighter in the game, not necessarily pass the entire game, one fighter. Managing three-button: button combos, jump, spetspriem.

Installing and configuring the game:  

1. Install file OpenBoR_s60v3.sisx (if you have not yet installed).

 2. At the root of the memory card create a folder Openbor 3. In the folder create a folder Openbor Paks and has put MK Unlimited.pak (from the archive) in this folder.

4. Run engine OpenBoR, from the list of installed games choose MK Unlimited, press Start (left soft-key or Q), play.

Initial setting: 
Run OpenBoR,  press the call key, and then click 7, once the call key. Adjusting the volume: the call button, the joystick up - loudly, joystick down - quietly, once again call key to confirm.

Start - left soft-key Buttons can appoint itself directly in the game. For each game control can be set separately.

Download "MK Unlimited"

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