Neon Runner (by Pixalon Studios)

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Неоновый бегун

New retro-hit arrives on your mobile!
The aim of the game is to send your little neon triangle around a series of mazes, collecting the required number of items to unlock levels out. But this is not as easy as it seems at first.

Неоновый бегун Неоновый бегун
Неоновый бегун Неоновый бегун

Switching between the red and blue world of the game opens up entirely new dimension of game experience. Blue mode is a calm and relaxed, but when moving to the Red regime, the world is changing, and the rate increases dramatically. In each mode you can collect various items, they will lead you to level 30, which you will play again and again. With bursting, incredible graphics and effects, as well as a superb soundtrack, Neon Runner - is a game of the future.
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