Captain Galactic : Super Space Hero (by Digital Chocolate)

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Digital Chocolate Company is finalizing its new game Captain Galactic:
Super Space Hero, in which we will play for a brave supergeroya endowed
with extraordinary physical abilities, which he sends to the commission
of deeds for the common good. In total, the game will be over thirty
game levels, which can boast not only for its diversity, but also a
large number of opponents - all in the game there will be twelve. In
addition to Captain Galactic: Super Space Hero are also available, and
bosses, with different "weights" characteristics. Out of this game is
scheduled for autumn this year.

- Key visual and gameplay differentiation from competitors
- Explore the galaxy and over 30 levels
- Go up against 12 enemy types
- Discover 3 power-ups for a superhuman edge
- Face 6 boss battles using your powers and wits!

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