Panzer Panic (by Handy-Games)

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War has broken out on your notepad and your leadership ability is needed to beat the enemy in ferocious tank battles! Make use of the environment and move various obstacles to protect yourself from opposing ink fire or to block your enemy's path. Destroy all panzers of the opposing colour by accurately shooting your ink bullets while making sure that you don’t run out of ink fuel! Take advantage of power-ups that are dropped onto the battlefield in wooden boxes and pound your enemy into the ground! Play against the AI or invite your friends to an exciting multi-player battle.

  • Thrilling tank battles with ink and paper
  • Movable obstacles for added tension
  • Turn based fights require tactical thinking
  • Special extras to collect for battlefield support
  • Arcade mode with AI-controlled opponents
  • Versus mode for exciting battles against your friends
  • Easy controls for unrestricted game play
  • High score

> 240x320 (K800)
> 176x220 (W810)
> 128x160 (K500)
> 240x320 (M600)

> 240x320 (N95)
> 352x416 (N80)
> 320x240 (E71)
> 176x208 (N70)
> 128x160 (6111)
> 360x640 (5800)

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