Boulder Dash ROCKS! (by Magmic Games/Connect2Media)

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Rockford is back and ready to rock your world!

The latest sequel to the 80's classic, action-puzzle hit, now for mobile devices!
Rockford™ returns to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Boulder Dash®! Based on the Nintendo DS version of the game, the mobile version of Boulder Dash®-ROCKS!™ is the latest sequel to one of the most popular action-puzzle, gravity based, gem-collection games ever released.

Game Features

In Planet Tour mode, take control of Rockford™ and collect as many diamonds as quickly as you can in several beautiful, sprawling worlds each with 21 unique levels and enemies. Defeat your arch enemy in level 16 of each world to unlock the next world. Clear level 16 of the Nether World to win the game. If you want to excel, use all the tools at your disposal: the Zapper; six types of ammo; four power-ups; level explore mode; and dig/push/grab without moving. Want more? Play all 15 levels in Time Trial mode as well.

Release date: Out now 

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