Jurassic Tennis (by Fugumobile)

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Game Description:

Unknown to most, tennis traces back its roots to a prehistoric age. Our early ancestors, not known for their table manners, played tennis to settle disputes involving dinner, with the winner being awarded a giant T-Rex steak. Matches were tough and played under extreme conditions and disputes with the match referee generally ending with the player being eaten (the referee's were meat eating dinosaurs).

Score Board:
Global Tournament mode available on all fugumobile games, allowing users to post hi-scores on a global scorecard and compete with other users worldwide

Download / Изтегли:

128x128 : S40 2ed Eng
128x128 : SE K,J,Z300 Eng
JAR | JAD [246 Кб]
128x160 : S40 2ed Eng
128x160 : SE K310,K500,K510,W200,Z530 Eng
JAR | JAD [248 Кб]
240x320 : S40 3ed Eng
240x320 : S60 3ed Eng
240x320 : SE K770,K800,S500,T650,W850 Eng
JAR | JAD [281 Кб]