Dexter : The Game (v1.6)

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For many who haven’t followed Showtime’s Dexter, the series is based on novels written by Jeff Lindsay. I remember reading his first book “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” years ago, and the intelligent, yet macabre storyline has kept me reading the novels and watching the show. Ironically, I just finished the latest book “Dexter by Design” when Dexter arrived on the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. And happily, the intelligence and spirit found in the books and TV series carries through into the game. For fans of Dexter, the game will not be a disappointment with good variety, engaging play, and humor with an element of guilty morbidity. However, non-Dexter fans may want to first familiarize themselves through the TV show or the books to see if this appeals to you.

The game focuses on the first TV season consisting of 5 cases:

Mike Donovan
Dear Dexter
Coke Head
Jamie Jaworski
Robert Marelli

While 5 cases sound short, it really isn’t because the cases aren’t addressed in a linear fashion. For fans and non-fans alike, the game has a certain appeal because the story is arranged so that Dexter moves back and forth between the different victims each with its own set of mission objectives. This type of format lengthens the game significantly because you’re simultaneously managing several cases each at different levels of progress.

Download / Изтегли:

Dexter the Game 1.6 (.ipa) - 395.3 MB
Dexter the Game 1.6 (.ipa) - 395.3 MB