Vampire Romance (by Gameloft)

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You are Emma, a senior year student who’s about to live the strangest year of her life… Step inside an intense and dramatic story full of love, the supernatural and more as you enter your senior year at Vampire High. But final exams are far from the only thing you’ll have to survive. Take control of 4 different characters, make choices, interact with others and utilize your special powers from mind-reading to shape-shifting. The relationships you build and the decisions you make will alter the story as you uncover the dark secret of Vampire High. Vampires and werewolves are around!

- An intriguing story full of mystery and a love triangle only your decisions can resolve.
- Take control of 4 different characters with unique powers from mind-reading to shape-shifting.
- Interact with characters to make friends or enemies. What you say will affect the scenario!
- Manage your social life by adding friends to your contacts list and sending & receiving messages.
- Play mini-games and solve puzzles to uncover hints and solve the cheerleader's murder.
- Torn apart between 2 lovers, surrounded by supernatural friends… The strangest year of your life!