Crystal Defenders : W1 (by Namco)

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The fate of the crystals lies in your hands! Select your party from 13 different job classes from Final Fantasy Tactics A2, each with their own unique attacks and abilities. Deploy and uprgrade units and summon Espers to fend off and stop enemy hordes in their tracks! Battle wave after wave of enemies across 12 different maps on your quest to defend the crystals. The decisions are yours!

The goal is to strategically place units along the set path to defeat encroaching enemies. Deploy units across the battle field to protect the crystals. Enemies are dispatched in waves and will march through the map until they are defeated or reach the exit. Each time a monster reaches an exit, one crystal is stolen. If all 20 crystals are lost, the game is over.

• Battle 64 unique and relentless monsters
• Share your score and in-game achievements on the online leaderboard!
• Three different versions of the game included: W1, W2 and W3!

Chinsese Versions

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