Robo 3: Gears of Love (by Herocraft)

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A robot's reproduction is a very interesting but rather laborious process. You have to wrestle the problem of creation of a new cybernetic organism; it takes longer than the human average of two minutes! So our good friends Robo and Eny have decided to make a baby. Unfortunately they haven't the suitable components handy: microchips cost a lot in shops and modern processors are lacking even on the black market. But Robo would do anything for a happy future for his cyber-child. That's why he has to penetrate a frozen military laboratory. It is not easy to get there because its factories are located on a gigantic proving ground. This vast territory is full of abandoned machinery, deadly lasers and reflectors and dotted with portals and tunnels. There are few brave ones who'd dare even enter this zone, let alone pass through it from to the end.


Every level of the game is a maze full of different obstacles, traps and dangerous equipment. Upon passing 30 levels you can use the level editor and try to create your own levels or download the creations of other players.

- 30 levels
- Large travel map
- 4 game-worlds
- Increasing difficulty
- Level editor