Alice in Bomberland (by Mr. Goodliving)

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Go down the rabbit hole in the incredible world of explosive as Alice in Bomberlyand, inspired by the classic story and characters of Lewis Carroll. Help Alice collect the missing pages of her stories in the strange world that has become even stranger than you remember. She does not just have to meet all the familiar characters - Hatter, Cheshire Cat and caterpillars - this time the strange inhabitants of this world is so heavily armed! Run, jump and skip on 48 totally crazy levels, maneuvering and dodging the explosive ordnance such as grenades, bombs and missiles. Hurry up to collect the pages, and using funny makeup, such as a potion "Drink me" (to diminish) and cake "Eat me" (to grow) you will be able to pass the levels most incredible ways!

Brilliant, mad, explosive game about Alice, falling in Wonderland. Yes, it is the official game of the famous fairy tale. Why are all explodes?