Texas Chainsaw Massacre (by Herocraft)

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After his latest victim made her escape, the maniac nicknamed ‘Leather Eye’ faces some unexpected complications. A group of teenagers trying to find out what is going on there arrive in the city and head straight to the sheriff office. It’s time to dust off that chainsaw, something must be done.

On September 13th 1973, Thomas Hewitt, known as the infamous ‘Leather Eye’, was sharpening an axe in his workshop in rage. Yesterday's mistake was simply tearing him apart with fury. How? How could she run away, got out from his simple and crystal clear world? Where is she now? Running in to a police station? Crying for help? Who would believe her? No, there shouldn’t be any complications at all. Nevertheless it would be good to find the little girl. With an idea about what he would make with her body parts later, Thomas Has had a wonderful sensation in his stomach, and in the depths of his workshop his tools sparkled. 


 Somewhere in the distance a muffled shot was fired. It would be good, if this shot was connected with his missing victim, ‘Leather Eye’ thought. Moments later a phone rings in the depth of the house. The excited girl wished to meet the sheriff urgently. This case was taking another intense twist. Perhaps, it is time to dust off that chainsaw and welcome the young visitors, who so unexpectedly appeared in the neighbouring small village.


  • Eerie game atmosphere;
  • Opportunity to shred everything that moves into pieces;
  • Power saving super impact will blow into pieces those few who escaped;
  • Three full-size game worlds: hot desert, gloomy house and a bloody farm ;
  • Dozens of game bonuses and dynamic gameplay;