Runner 626 (by Mayhem Studio)

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In a far future, people have to run for their lives. The main test to know if you are a survivor is to confront to different adversaries in a background with platforms allowing you to have advantages and disadvantages in your race.You run for your live. If you lose, you will be dead. So, you have to demonstrate to be the best runner in the world, racing against other human testers and, once you have demonstrated to be the best runner, against the machines created by Robotron, the mad professor who has designed different mechanical creatures to run against them.

Different platforms have different influence above you. If it has the same colour you will run faster and if they are of your adversary’s colour you will run slower. Besides, you can use different traps or weapons to finish with the other runner. But, be careful, he can do the same.Each adversary has different skills or playing modes and they are more difficult to be defeated in the next levels.

Simple, addictive and easy to play. It’s played with only a key!
Frenetic games, full of excitement. Hours of fun assured!
Kind graphics oriented to a large public.
Enjoy with the new concept in mobile phone games!