Mobile Poker Club : Online (by MPC LLC.)

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Welcome to the official website of Mobile Poker Club.
We are all connected by our love to poker and desire to play regardless of where we are. That's why we created a comfortable, fast and free mobile poker game for cell phones. Now we can get together at the table, wherever any of club members is. While creating the game, we concentrated on mobile gaming peculiarities, that's why we can proudly say that we created the first really Mobile poker club. Join us!

To play in Mobile Poker Club you have to have a third option installed (Internet GPRS). Also, please note, that different carriers have different Internet access policies (restrictions on access to some sites, restrictions on packages and fares). Basically Internet GPRS can be set-up on any package and fare is based on the amount of Kilobytes you download/upload to Internet using this connection. Having this in our mind we did our best to minimize your expenses for using such connection. To get detailed information and to activate your package, please get in touch with your carrier's support service or write us back using our support form.

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