Tarzan: In Women Paradise (by Jarbull)

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Tarzan in Women Paradise mobile game tells the story of Tarzan's dangerous and adventurous way to Jane. He is trying to figure out a way to solve his troubles. Both dangerous and useful things are coming from top and sides and he has to decide which one to collect and which one to abstain from them. Tarzan in Women Paradise mobile game is an erotic platform game with excellent graphics. Tarzan in Women Paradise mobile game offers danger and adventure as well as thrill of chasing beautiful women.


Try to reach for Jane among all the beautiful women in the women paradise. Collect condoms, panties, candies, bras, hamburgers, coins, meat to gain points. Avoid flying dinosaurs, spears, pricky ivies and other dangers you may face throughout the game. All you have to do is jump between ivies and reach for the hot award on top! Go Tarzan!