Starship Troopers : Roughnecks (by Ojom)

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Bored at the bus-stop, had a bad day, want to kick some alien butt? Join an elite mobile infantry unit fighting an interplanetary war against giant insects. Plunged into battle as a member of an elite mobile infantry unit your mission objective is quite simple - blast the alien arachnids before they have a chance to get you.Sci-fi fans and mobile gamers alike will enjoy the dynamic user interface of the Starship Troopers – Roughnecks game, using the keypad on your mobile you simply point and shoot. Armed with a supercharged assault rifle, you can pick up fresh ammo and medical supplies as you blast your way through the creepy-crawlies. 

Just make sure that your fingers are always on the trigger because these bugs are crafty and will ambush you at every opportunity.Act smart and use your weapons wisely and you will successfully fight your way across the hostile terrain of the desolate Planet Halcyon.So get ready to lock & load. Enlist as a Roughneck and wage war on the alien insects.