Logix 3D (by Ladty)

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Logix 3D is a logical java game, which is using JSR-184 (so it is 3D). The target of this java game is to put boxes with some colour on a target with the same colour as the box. You've got multiple boxes which are moving all at the same time but they can't get through walls. So if you want for example to separate 2 boxes, you just place one of them behind a wall so it can't move. It maybe sounds easy, but believe me, it's not! This java game is for those who want to use a brain instead of just keep on pressing five to kill their opponent. So if you're simply stupid, don't try to play this game, it's not for you!!!

 This java game contains 4 basic difficulties, each with 25 levels and 1 difficulty with new game style in which you really need to use your brain. And believe me, it will take you a long time to finish all these levels. And if you finally finish them (and I'm not saying that everyone can), you can change the type of camera from static to interactive. This will require all of your concentration, reasoning and three-dimensional imagination. Just try it yourself and you'll see...

 In menu, you can adjust graphics details to run this java game smoothly even on some older devices, you can also adjust here the altitude and distance of the camera to have better view at whole scene. You can of course save your unfinished level or even create up to 25 yours. And if you know someone who plays this too, you can compare your statistics and number of moves with him to see who is more intelligent.