RoboFly (by Jarbull)

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Robofly mobile game features a war where Mankind fought for the possession of earth resources and now the days of war are over. Foreign invaders want to steal the satellite of the earth and they are threatening mankind. Human military forces invented an android, he must confront the looming threat. You have an important mission ahead, managing this android is entrusted to you. Control the robot in such a skillful way that is shoots down as much enemy objects as possible and fly as far as possible to inflict more damage on opponent. Each task you finish successfully will award you a medal. You need to collect all the medals! You will receive monetary compensation at the end of each fligth in order to buy improvements and upgrade your robot. These improvements will aid you in your mission and bring better results. 
 You must choose which angle and force you want to operate your robot with at the start of the game. Manage the right moment turbines in order to fly up or don't use the turbines if you want to lower the robot in flight mode. Remember that you have a limited amount of fuel, so it must be spend wisely. You can face moving objects in the air and on the ground while flying. Try to catch bonus augmentation energy, it will help you fly further and earn medal. Beware of the magnetic traps.