Holy Wars: Sons Of Henoch (by DeValley Entertainment)

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Year - 5468 BC. It has been 11 years since the Golab demons have been defeated. King Jonas had a new kingdom built : Aratta. Azaziel the angel, his race's last survivor, founded there the new religious order thanks to his inquisitors. The Holy Knights! But what he wants the most is the death of the Asia Minor pagans. For this, Azaziel needs the army of Aratta, and thus Jonas' consent. To obtain it, he entrusts a detachment of Holy Knights to carry his request to the king. But on the road to Jiroft, the capital, they are attacked by Golabs
Embody the Holy Wars manga hero in this action-packed biblical adventure!

- The new and unseen chapter of the Holy Wars manga !
- Combat RPG !
- Discover and improve the 8 weapons of the game to benefit from biblical combos !