BRiX 4D (by Ladty)

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Brix 4D is a revolutionary mobile java game. The target of this game is to destroy all bricks in a level without losing too many balls. Sounds familiar? Probably. But! This is not an ordinary brick breaking game! It is true 4D mobile game , but not only thanks to it's graphics. It also uses four dimensions to improve gameplay from root and brench. There are also many other improvements, from pad or ball behavior to special bonuses , original game modes and outstanding effects.

Brix 4D is designed to run on every cellphone, which supports Mobile 3D Graphics. You can adjust many graphical settings to run smoothly even on older devices. You can also control the entire game simply by touch screen (if your device supports that) which gives you utterly precise pad handling and unique gaming experience.

Width , Height , Depth , TIME! Incredible gameplay within 4 dimensions including time manipulation , over 30 unique bonuses and infinity number of levels