Xtreme Dirt Bike (by Gameloft)

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What would motocross racing be like without a single rule? Find out now by downloading Xtreme Dirt Bike onto your mobile phone. Get pumped to face the world's wildest riders on difficult terrains: Arizona canyons, the Sahara, the Great Wall of China and much more. Knock out the most extreme stunts like a Superman, Indian Air, and even the Tsunami. Engage in massive road rage using acquired weapons and viscous moves to take out your most annoying opponents. Cross the finish line first but more importantly, make it there alive!

  • 5 game modes: Race, Road Rage, Freestyle, Duel and Time Attack.
  • 7 racing circuits around the world: Arizona, Siberia, the Great Wall of China, the Sahara, etc.
  • Much more than a motocross game: Try riding a quad or a hyperbike to experience new sensations.
  • Give your bike a boost before races: Engine, tires, transmission and brakes.
  • All of motocross’ most incredible stunts: Superman, Indian Air, Tsunami, etc.
  • Collect weapons along the way to eliminate your opponents: Bike chains, baseball bats or metal bars.