America's Army : Special Operations (by Gameloft)

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The unruly state of Corbalia has just invaded the nearby land of Liberty and is threatening to conquer the entire region. After negotiations with Corbalian leaders to no avail, the international community has decided to vote for a resolution to stop the invasion. The U.S. Army will participate in the operation. Join the ranks of the world’s premier military force to repel the Corbalian threat. You will assume various roles of U.S. Army personnel: Apache helicopter pilot, infantry soldier, or armored vehicle commander.

  • The only official mobile game of the U.S. Army, codeveloped with the Army.
  • 3 types of gameplay: pilot a combat helicopter, man an armored vehicle, and serve as a Soldier on the battlefield.
  • Massive action: many weapons, many combat situations and destructible environments.
  • Real U.S. Army weapons & vehicles: Apache helicopter, Stryker, M4A1 rifle, Stinger missiles, etc.
  • Dramatic sniper mode: engage enemy targets from a remote location.
  • 11 immersive levels featuring objectives ranging from destroying a radar station, rescuing engineers, escorting a helicopter to safety.