Burnout (by EA Mobile)

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More wrecks. More carnage. More mobile mayhem. Grab the wheel and take down your rivals while racing at adrenaline-fueled, retina-searing speeds. Burnout is the mobile racing game that re-writes the rules of the road - use your car as a deadly weapon to crush the competition. Cause spectacular crashes, force cars over jump ramps and into chasms, speed towards the finish line while making sure the other drivers never get there. Create chaos with three twisted play modes and unlockable tracks in forest, beach and downtown locales. Check out the free mobile game demo now!

    Features may vary by handset.
    • Five Game Modes: Featuring classic and new mode for the Burnout series: King of the Hill, Road Rage, Survivor, Traffic Attack and Sumo.
    • Road Test Three Regions: Speed through a tree-lined track in Angel Valley, make your opponents eat sand in Silver Lake or tear up the downtown streets of Eternal City.
    • Crash Your Way to the Top: Channel your aggression to progress from harmless driver through ten additional rankings to Elite.
    • Punish the Competition: Pummel the opposition with your brutal driving and create destruction and chaos as you seek to dominate the road.
    • Rule More Road: Smash your way to success and smoke the competition to unlock new cars and challenges.