Ninja Warriors (by Jarbull)

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Ninja Warriors mobile game takes place at the time of medieval Japan where the samurai and the ninja reigned and respected. The great ruler of these warriors, The Shogun, has created a detachment which consists of best ninjas of Japan. He sent them on a mission to prove their loyalty to The Shogun and superiority over all the other warriors of Japan.

You are the commander of the detachment now. You have a difficult mission…a test that will prove your ninja abilities and skills to all. Your ninjas have many skills; fast running, swimming, going through fire, being invisible to the enemy and so on…Use your logic and creative solutions while leading your squad to reach for the banner at the end of each level.

Ninja Warriors is an exciting puzzle game which takes place at the time of medieval Japan where you lead a group of ninjas with different skills. There is a banner at the end of each level. The purpose of the order is to take the banner. Lead your squad of ninjas and use various ninja skills to pass the levels.

Go ahead and lead your squad. Your ninjas are able to jump, swim, run through fire, to be invisible to the enemy. Press [Fire] key to select active ninja. When pressed again, it makes him passive.

Good luck ninja!


128x160 (2610)
176x208 (3250)
240x320 (N73)