RAMPage Soccer (v1.1.1)

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RAMPage Soccer is a fine example of how to bring a beloved table game into the 21st century. This is a table soccer game where players drop ball bearings down a series of ramps at each end of the table in hopes of knocking the soccer ball into their opponents goal.

There are multiple game play options and single player mode is where you will probably start. The computer has an increasing level of difficulty to progress through. The easy level is a great way to become accustomed to the game and once you've mastered that, medium and hard will start to test your skills and patience. The main thing you will learn while playing through the difficulty levels is that as tempting as it is, you can't just go for an all out and attack all the time. After a while you will realise you need to be mindful of how many balls you are sending out and make sure you keep enough to defend you goal.

Two player mode takes the skills you learn for the single player mode and pits them against your friends and family. RAMPage Soccer is a fine example of how to make a 2 player game on iPad. It has simple controls, is easy to learn and is relentless with the action and fun.

The Penalty Shootout mode adds a lot of value to RAMPage Soccer as you will find yourself playing it over and over trying to outdo your top score. The idea here is to keep the ball out of your goal and each time you do this, you earn points. For added fun there is a score multiplier which you earn depending on how far down the table you strike the ball. If you let a goal through you lose one of your three hearts but you can earn them back by scoring a goal yourself. Once you get the hang of it, you?ll be addicted.

Overall RAMPage Soccer delivers on all accounts. Its fun, looks great, is easy to learn and has a great level of challenge and lasting appeal that will keep you going back for more.

● Two challenging game modes 'Classic' and 'Penalty Shootout'
● Play against the iPad or a friend in multiplayer
● Fast paced realistic game play
● Astounding 3D graphics and sound
● Intuitive and responsive controls
● Game Center integration