Hero Teams (v1.0)

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Hero Teams is a new strategy game from Little Games Ltd. The classic gameplay means this game is very easy to pick up. The artwork is brilliant, and with 25 unlockable characters and 50 maps in the Campaign, players aren't likely to become bored anytime soon. The game also features Bluetooth multiplayer, which means that you can battle it out with a friend wirelessly.
 Featuring classic turn-based action, simply eliminate the enemy team before they eliminate you! With nearly a dozen different weapons available, there’s plenty of different ways to beat your opponents. Give it a whirl!

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• Build your invincible army with 25 unlockable characters: Soldier, Cowboy, Pirate, Knight, and more!
• Pick your favourite Heroes to battle it out on 20 unique and destructible maps!
• Plan your attack with Grenade, AirRaid, Launcher, TNT, and more!
• Fight your way through the single player mode whilst enjoying an exclusive, gripping soundtrack!
• Challenge your friends to a Bluetooth Multiplayer battle to see whose Heroes are the toughest!

With gorgeous doodle-style artwork, a 50-level Campaign mode and tonnes to unlock, you’ll never get bored of Hero Teams! Overall the gameplay is fun, the artwork is great and there's a tonne of stuff to unlock! A great deal for only 99¢ .