Vanguard Against Terrorism : Armor New Century (by Singing Cicada)

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The world's elite force under the joint anti-terrorism squad of four soldiers received rescue the hostages, the arduous task of eradication of the terrorists to sneak into the enemy entrenched in the military fortress, fought a fierce battle with the terrorists armed to the teeth!

4 Men knows as a Vanguard's taking orders from their commander to rescue a Dr. That the suspect was abducted by terrorists, but in the middle of tasks, their commander gave a new command that is; for catch Dr. The one on purpose ...,
Together they perform their guerrilla against group of people who have unlimited funds. Fighting in the middle of Inca ethnic, but instead they were dealing with anchient Egypt. Does ethnicity have in common because both are known by their pyramid ?, so Find out !

Modern battlefield to reproduce on the phone, enjoy the confusion between the pleasure to destroy the enemy!

(Translated to English by @toncat23)
(Cracked by @PSYDEX)

240x320 (K800) | MIRROR

NOTE: During the game you may be prompted to send an sms but don't worry - just click "OK" and you will continue your game without being charged.