Green Farm (by Gameloft)

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Have fun ’til the cows come home on your own Green Farm! You’ll never want to put down this fun farm you can take anywhere. Create your own custom character with clothes and collectables then raise yummy crops, lively animals and create produce. Earn money to buy tons of decorations and expansions at the shop, even cute tractors! But the most fun is making lots of friends with your AI neighbors and working together or challenging them to harvest competitions and more!

- Get addicted to farm life as you grow and harvest crops and trees and raise livestock.
- Earn money to buy seeds, animals and buildings to create a custom dream farm!
- Visit neighbors and lend a hand by playing fun mini-games to earn XP and coins.
- Compete against your neighbors at harvesting contests.
- Customize your avatar anytime, find collectables and jump inside cool tractors.
- You’ll be given a nice GF cash pack to use in!