Pang Remixed (by Zed Mobile)

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Pang has been around for so many years now that it’s hard to imagine a time when the compulsive arcade game didn’t grace the smoky halls of arcades up and down the country.

Now those arcades are all but gone, like other 80s arcade stalwart Pac-Man, Pang now finds solace in the mobile systems. Also like Namco’s familiar mascot, it hasn’t really changed all that much since it debuted over 20 years ago.

The aim is still to tour the world as either a boy or girl, firing hooks vertically up so they split balloons into smaller pieces. It’s also still maddeningly hard to pull off perfectly, too.
Nevertheless there have been some alterations to the balloon popping formula with this latest entry, most noticeably the addition of new power-ups that can be bought between stages. If you’ve not experienced Pang before, this is the best way of experiencing the classic.


240x320 (K790) | MIRROR