Tribia: Prehistoric Tribes (by Qplaze)

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This is the birth of human civilization!

Huge mammoths and dinosaurs are running on the Earth, the forest is teeming with saber-toothed tigers and ferocious wolves, people live in caves and are at continuous fights over territory and believe only the totems of the Great Gods. The unknown outside world lures and frightens at the same time ...
Tribia: Prehistoric Tribes Tribia: Prehistoric Tribes Tribia: Prehistoric Tribes

You are the leader of a small tribe in the dream the spirits tell you the path to victory. Now his fate is only in your hands! String up - challenging assignments, treacherous enemies and insurmountable obstacles are waiting for you ahead! Construct buildings, hunt to feed the army, attack and defend, use all possible resources so that the tribe came off victorious in this prehistoric world.
You have to train soldiers, breed leaders, hunt huge beasts and make sacrifices in prehistoric temples - all for the sake of your tribe! Do not forget that your countrymen are people too - they may be tired, hungry, frightened, but they can also play the fool, dance and have fun. Your task is to organize them into one team and assign responsibilities correctly. Your tribe is not the only one in this huge hostile world. Other tribes can submit their rights on your territory and hunting grounds - and you will have to defend them in battle!

Apart from that, you may encounter ferocious saber-toothed tigers, bears, and huge dinosaurs - so prepare your tribe for any surprises ... Who knows what the next day or the next night can bring you. Light the fires, set the guards and sharpen stone axes – so that no saber-toothed rabbit could broke through to your supply of food!

• A real prehistoric adventure in your phone!
• Colorful, stylish, cartoon-like graphics.
• Cute and funny live characters that you can’t take your eyes off.
• Unique game style and exciting adventures!
• Simple and easy-to-use controls.
• 18 fascinating missions that won’t let you get bored.
• 13 kinds of buildings – starting with a hut made of sticks and fangs up to Tiger Totem and Shaman’s Hut.
• Game available in nine languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, French, Spanish.