STALKER 3D : Mobile (by Qplaze)

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Primary weapon of stalker is his patience. Ability to wait, and to understand, when to go, and when to hide holding one’s breath; when to pull the trigger, and when to throw away the gun, running away.
Those who can’t wait – die. Their bodies mark anomalies and dangerous areas, 
their bared bones serve as landmarks to others.
Good Specnaz soldier can easily become a stalker – because he was taught to wait, camouflage, watch and collect information – and these skills are very important in the Zone.
Every crumb of knowledge in the Zone is paid by somebody’s life. Someone died to know – that pseudodog’s skull can withstand a point-blank shot from AKM, and «burner» sometimes surprisingly falls asleep and wakes up, «electro» have greater effect during the rain, and bloodsuckers, as people, prefer to wait till bad weather is over under some roof.
It is easy to disappear here.

Features of the game:
- Another page from life of the Zone of Alienation, adding the story of S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl;
- Captivating and not linear plot, story of friendship, betrayal, and courage of people facing unknown everyday;
- Ultramodern 3D engine on Java2ME platform, excellent graphical design and special effects;
- Familiar surroundings and environment of the Zone, 
locations and characters known by PC version of the game;
- Different types of weapon and modes of fire, using of suppressor and telescopic sight;
- Ability of main character’s characteristics development, 
receiving of levels and distribution of experience points;
- Lots of familiar artifacts, influencing on characteristics of main character;
- Conversation and trade with friendly characters, atmospheric dialogues, plot, by-plot and accidental missions and tasks;