Space Monkey (by Glu Mobile)

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Space… The final destination… for Earth’s garbage. Earth’s Space Agency has recruited one courageous monkey to help the cause. His mission: clean up the entire cosmos. Give Space Monkey a cosmic spin to help grab junk, deflect hazards, and take down the biggest, baddest space enemies of them all. But be careful – if you spin too much, he will get sick! How hard could it be, right? Besides, he works for bananas.

- A brand-new, innovative and original casual mobile puzzle adventure - fun, over-the-top hilarious, unlike any mobile game out there.
- Tons of personality – cute, cartoon-y graphics, big character expressions, random space objects and funk-tified sounds and music.
- Continuous Replay Value – Environment, challenges, and floating objects continue to evolve as game progresses, building tons of quick, interruptible fun puzzle levels.
- Multiple galaxies – explore new space, encounter new life, boldly go…
- Fantastically simple controls – spin, catch, and juggle, that’s what it’s all about.

(Supplied by @Serviak)