iDunkU (v1.2)

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IdunkU – a great new android game, is one of those incredibly addictive games that is super fun to play on a bus-ride, short car journey, waiting in line or – my favorite – on the toilet!
You get to dunk your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, teacher, parent, friend or foe in a tub of water, and the great thing is – you can just carry on doing it!
It's repetitive in a really lethargic and relaxing way, just a roll of the finger on your touch-screen each time. It's pretty simple to control but not so easy to get the hang of, which makes it challenging - and the wind can trip you up so you have to keep on at it if you want to get a really high score.

And when you do – you can show it off to all your buddies on the global leaderboard – a nice feature which lets you remind your target how much fun you had soaking them, and if that's not enough – you can upload the picture of them drenched to your Facebook page or other social media. All in all, a great fun free app definitely worth playing. Thumbs up!