Fantasy Town (v1.0.1)

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Somewhere between your dreams and reality is a place where creatures of your imagination are given life to create your own personal fantasy world! Guide sturdy dwarves, mystic elves and more to help you unearth treasure, raise magic plants and build a thriving village. Meet villagers and help them by going on quests, playing an exciting mini-game and making mystic potions that will grant you great power. The world is yours to discover, so explore the wild lands outside your village, but be prepared to battle the dark beasts that lie in wait. Imagine all the possibilities!

A fantasy world full of mythic creatures, amazing buildings, magical artifacts and adventure.
Collect Magic Items and trade them for powerful Magical Potions.
Play a mini-game for quick fun outside your village and defeat monsters.
Visit any of your friends’ magic villages and exchange gifts to give each other a hand.