Crazy Campus (By Gameloft)

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Exams are coming up, and you slacked off so much this year that you might not get your diploma…

Your last chance: get help from each campus group in their favourite subjects. The Nerds excel at math, the Hippies are good at biology, and so on.

Gain their trust, and they'll help you find ways to pass your exams. Build a female robot and have it flirt with your single math professor, who will then reward you with an A, burn the incense from the hippies in class to make everyone ""happy"", and cancel the English exam.

Passing your exams has never been so much fun!



  • The only mobile game combining life simulation and totally nutty humour!
  • A wild campus adventure just like the funniest American teen movies!
  • Visit the enormous campus and have tons of encounters with all of its students!
  • Join 6 different groups: Frats, Nerds, Hippies, Sororities, Goths, and Hip-hop thugs.
  • A game for both girls (life simulation) and guys (humour and crazy missions!)
  • Tons of options let you control and customise your character.