Ferrari World Championship 2009 (by Gameloft)

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Join the Scuderia Ferrari team, the F1 World Champion team, as drivers Felipe Massa or Kimi Räikkönen, and engage in the new racing season. Behind the wheel of the Ferrari F60, race on global tracks including, for the first time, a night race in Hong Kong. Now more than ever before, play with heightened speed, more elaborate graphics and new opponents that master defensive driving. Then, travel through history and hop in legendary Ferrari racing cars like the 246 F1 of 1958 or the F1-2000 to experience the myth of the Prancing Horse yourself.

  • Join the Scuderia Ferrari team as Massa or Räikkönen behind the wheel of the Ferrari F60, the Ferrari F1 car of the 2009 season.
  • Historical challenge mode with 5 legendary Ferrari cars, from 1958’s 246 F1 to 2000’s F1-2000.
  • 11 new circuits from Australia to Italy including, for the 1st time, a night circuit in Hong Kong.
  • Play as the Ferrari pit crew & manage your refueling and tire strategy with the pit stop mini-game.
  • 3 racing views: cockpit, exterior, and open angle.
  • New KERS system included: Each time you brake, a boost gauge which you can use later during the race increases.