Dungeon Hunter 3 (v1.1.0)

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Dungeon Hunter 3 isn’t just a freemium game - it’s also an arena, wave-based action game with pre-determined loot.Dungeon Hunter games were more about the adventuring, the third outing takes a more arena-based approach with bigger emphasis on combat and levelling.Each arena involves defeating waves of mythical creatures intent on making you a warrior-sized snack. Fortunately, magic attacks, dual-weaponry and a large array of equipment helps even the odds somewhat.

  • The best thing about Dungeon Hunter 3 for me is that there’s no longer a rather tired excuse for a story.
  • Instead, each of the five worlds is broken up into four separate arenas, with five difficulty levels of monsters to fight your way through before unlocking the next set.
  • These are graded and can be repeated any number of times if you’re gunning for a high score or want to improve your level for the next bout.
  • Each class can now be male or female, while separate skill trees ensure that their playing styles are different enough to justify their existence.
  • Taking to the first arena as a hard-nosed Warlord, for instance, saw me getting into as big a group as possible to use his area attacks, while the Astromancer worked best with a fair gap between my foes and me.
  • Alas, there won’t be any multiplayer component on release, but Gameloft has told me that it intends to have an update out with both co-op and PvP play in January.
  • Despite the changes to the structure of the game, the gameplay remains distinctly Dungeon Hunter in its execution. And More!!

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