Kids Art with PaintByHand (Application)

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PaintByHand is a fun app for all ages to paint on the iPad with no mess. PaintByHand works like a traditional flipbook where you can keep all of your old artwork and flip back and forth making new creations. Use your finger to swipe up and down and select a color, swiping sideways to change the shade of the color, select a brush thickness and start drawing. Artwork can be stored in the photo library, shared on Facebook, emailed from the app itself and submitted to the PaintByHand Gallery which is viewable at

When you submit to the gallery, please include a first name and age of the artist along with a brief description of the art and selected works will be displayed on the website.

One of the best features of PaintByHand is the ability to easily share your work. With PaintByHand you can share your work via email or Facebook, save your work to your iPad photo library or submit your best work to our gallery. We get amazing work submitted every day.