Rambo: Forever (by In-Fusio)

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The game is something like duck shooting. Here, the enemies become "ducks". You play as Rambo to destroy them before they destroy you first. The developers put the emphasis of the game on "shooting", instead of exploring maps or solving puzzles. All the time, Rambo and players are not face to face, all you can see is just Rambo's back.

When you shoot at the enemy, you don't need to press the fire button again and again. Once you press it to turn the "M60" on, the bullets will not stop streaming until a second press, that switches it off. What I should mention is that if you are attacked, the M60 will stop. Since you are hurt, you must turn on the trigger by yourself. This mechanism makes the game easy to control, and at the same time will put less stress on your phone's keypad. The enemies are of various kinds, from "infantry", "diver", "bomber", and "warship". If there are too many enemies on screen at once, you can easily use a "grenade" to beat them all.

The graphics of "Rambo: Forever" are much better than the former game. Through spectacular graphics and animations, players can realize how ruthless the battlefield is. When the bullets sweep away the surface of the water, you can see the spray. The music of the game is kind of serious, which seems to be the real reaction in Rambo's heart.

 You just move the cursor with keys from 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 to target enemies, and press 5 to fire or stop fire. You can also use "grenades" to attack those hard to defeat. But you should remember that they are not unlimited. When you use them up, you must wait for new "packages", which can be life supplements or equipment supplies. The way to get them is by shooting at the parachute. Sometimes, you should attack different enemies reasonably. Due to the inability of our protagonist to move in the game, he cannot avoid bullets or shots; but what he can do is to attack more, and as accurately as he possibly can.


(supplied by @Etty)