Color Me (Application)

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Color Me makes your photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color. This means that that cute image of your new little girl can show off her baby blue eyes, or you can take a picture of your animal and leave him in color while the rest of the photo is black and white which is called color splash effect. These pictures are good for more than just keeping in your phone- they are also ideal for printing and sending to friends and family. Color Me gives you tools that take months to master on your computer in a simple to use app that you can learn in just minutes.

The designers of Color Me kept the user in mind when they created the app. You can open the app, work on your photo for a while, then save the photo. You can work on multiple photos and save each session so you don’t lose your work when you answer the phone or send a text message. You can also keep working without worrying about making a change you don’t want to keep and having to start over, because Color Me lets you undo as many brush strokes as you want. There are four different brushes that you can use- a hard brush, blur tool, opaque brush, and an emboss tool. You can use your fingers to pinch zoom, making it easy to zero in on the part of your photo you want to work on, or you can use any of the four different zoom options for devices that don’t support touch screen apps. You can work on photos in either landscape or portrait orientation, making Color Me Versatile enough for any photo. Brushes are scalable, allowing you to work on images in as large or small increments as you want to. You can easily preview the finished image with just a few clicks before you post it on Facebook or Twitter.

Features :
+ Unlimited undo option
+ 4 different brushes
+ Pinch zoom(zoom with fingers)
+ Scalable brush size
+ Share your images on Facebook
+ Preview mode
+ Masked and colored view options
+ Landscape and Portrait orientation