Smash Cops (v1.00.08)

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Smash Cops uses innovative new push controls using a single finger to control and steer your car in a way that is natural and fun for gamers, and accessible for casual players too. This innovation will set a new standard for all third person games on touch devices.

As the police in Americas wildest TV chases, players smash felons off the road in a large, free roaming, and beautifully rendered city with aerial coverage of the pursuit. With 20 missions and 5 different vehicles, players collect stars to access new areas and new cars.

Hutch has been set up by five highly experienced developers who have worked on a number of top selling franchises including Fable, Burnout, EyeToy, Battalion Wars, This is Football, Eight Days, and the Getaway. The studio believes that Smash Cops is destined to massively progress the touch gaming experience, and not just for racing games. Smash Cops boasts some of the highest production values seen to date on touch devices.

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