Age Of Empire (1.0.5)

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The Middle Ages, this is a dark time filled with wars, desires, and rights.In this chaotic world, all the people are waiting for a hero who can free them from the dog days.Game will bring players back to the Middle Ages that was flames of war. Player can play a role of lord and control the whole kingdom. A strong military empire will be totally created by yourself! From construction of basic facilities to production, process and trade; from alliance by using smart diplomatic strategy to unique strategy of attack ......
Lead ten thousand people into battle and enjoy charm of the great military leaders!
Age of Empire, and begin your own legend of empire!


  • The most beautiful images: original detailed pictures let you feel the glamour of the Middle Age.
  • The most magnificent battle: ten thousand arrows shot at once; glinting and flashing; full of enery; they make you experience true and cool battle!
  • The most powerful empire: upgrading buildings, strengthening city defense, training soldiers and leading 1 million main force! Be a king!
  • The most excited PK: plundering money, lands, foods and cities. Let all enemies call you master!
  • The most fluent experience: easy operation and warm mission guide; let you easily and quickly get started.

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