B.A.N.G. Invasion (1.1)

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Can you feel the ground tremble under your feet? Can you hear the crashing of trees falling down? Can you smell gunpowder in the air? This is B.A.N.G Invasion, a new combat game, inviting you into the battle of heavy fortresses as it arrives at AppStore.
B.A.N.G Invasion is all about the magic atmosphere of fantasy-inspired Middle Ages world, where nasty warlocks fight with wise kings, bear dukes enslave bees while berserk rabbits chase peaceful peasants across the fields. And only you as Aubrey Gunpowder, the ingenious mechanic, can decide the ultimate fate of the struggle between two most powerful lands – the Rainbow Kingdom and the Realm of Shadows.

B.A.N.G Invasion offers an incredible variety of manowars and cannons, from a wheeled wooden hut with barrel-like guns all the way to a heavily armored full-track rocket-packed metal monster. The wide choice of weapons, new skills and levels achieved by your protagonist, useful bonuses as well as hidden secret features result in an infinite number of possible gaming strategies, which you can try out on your friends in multi-player matches on the expanses of the Rainbow Kingdom using wi-fi or internet connection.

B.A.N.G Invasion packs tons of hilarious jokes to keep you in stitches for hours. What now, the fox dukes trying to steal the air? The King’s mechanics invented an elephant-firing cannon? The trolls have banned hygiene? Not to worry! All you need to do is use the secret plan of the Totally Wise King Keol XXLV, of which he is totally unaware himself.

B.A.N.G Invasion gives you advanced nextgen graphics with eye-catching highly detailed textures. Get ready for powerful explosions scattering debris across the landscape and mind-boggling effects, which you will enjoy in your battles on the snow-covered plains, amid green forests or even on an incredibly hot volcanic upland. And don’t forget that at all times your gaming experience will be further enhanced by beautiful symphonic score.
Its unique combination of genres (arcade/strategy/RPG) is an excellent choice for fans of first-class jokes, big guns and armored fortresses.

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