Ra One (v5.0)

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Ra.One | Genesis is a free to play top down 3D arcade action game, available for Smartphones & Online. You play as the mighty superhero 'G.One' who will stand to defend the world, against the wrath of a surreal creation, codename 'Ra.One' and his minions, who are all set to bring chaos and destruction.

- Introduced 4 new guns (Retro blaster, Freezer, FourSided, Rocket Launcher)

- Now you can preview Weapons before purchasing them.

- New Enemy Character Introduced – Bomber. Beware of this enemy. He will take 20% of your health.

- New bonus introduced ::
Time Bonus – Use PowerShock (Special Attack) wave to kill all enemies on screen.

- New bonus introduced ::
Kill Streak Bonus – Increasing no. of kills will gain higher timer shield.

- New barrel blast & shield sounds introduced.

- Health boost still gone cheaper.

- For a better gameplay, Enemies will now be equipped with shields.

- Smoother controls for movement & aim on iPad.

Ra One (75MB)