Sola-Rola (by Eidos Mobile)

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SolaRola features 25 levels of addictive action and puzzle challenges and a soundtrack with 7 original songs from industry veterans The Maniacs of Noise. The graphics system is equally dynamic; Objects and characters can be freely scaled and rotated, enabling a number of effects and visual tools to enhance gameplay elements.

SolaRola features the brotherly team of Wiz and Waz who are two er, blobs. The bloblike brothers are the last hope of saving the galaxy from the evil plans of Ping the Merciless. Ping is a pretty evil guy, the most ruthless force in the entire universe in fact and only two small blobs stand in his way.Wiz and Waz’s Rocketship also contains a Holodeck, a virtual playroom that only Wiz can enter to play around with the physics of objects he collects during his adventures with Waz.

Fighting against staggering odds and small hairy things, Wiz and Waz must save the Galactic Guardians from Ping’s grasp and all will be well again in the universe.Wiz and Waz will be battling around strange planets in all weathers from September. Things are gonna get a bit blobby.