Arcadius (by Handy-Games)

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 Initializing data transfer… Stardate: 3024. The Earth has been attacked by hostile individuals and has been entirely destroyed; few survivors managed to board freight ships to safety. A counterstrike was officially launched this morning and troops are already on their way to infiltrate enemy bases on the planets in the system. Spaceship fighter pilots are authorized to use any force necessary to neutralize the enemy ships. Avoid the security drones and pick up the energy sources they leave behind to upgrade your weapon systems. Navigate asteroid belts and prepare to fight for your life or to the death against the galactic invaders. End of log. System shutting down.


  • Action-packed vertical space shooter
  • 15 thrilling levels with swarms of enemies
  • Switchable laser crystals for maximum firepower
  • Tactical boss battles in the void of space
  • Arcade feel with continue coins and extra lives
  • Various bonus missions for veteran fighter pilots

  (language: Russian)


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