Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood (by Gameloft)

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It is a direct-sequel to Assassin's Creed II but is not Assassins Creed III with Ezio returning as the main protagonist. It is the first game in the series to feature multiplayer mode. ''Brotherhood'' is confirmed to be the final appeareance of Ezio as the protagonist, since Assassin's Creed III is planned to introduce a new protagonist.


- Become the legendary master assassin Ezio!
- Prove your leadership and strike hard with fellow assassins as you command an entire Brotherhood.
- Master the techniques to eliminate your prey stealthily and defeat guards in intense duels.
- Perform acrobatics through the streets, leap across rooftops, and even fly throughout 8 levels.
- Journey into 5 environments set in the greatest cities in Italy: Florence, Venice, and Rome.
- Unlock up to 3 additional, playable avatars: The Executioner, Doctor and Nobleman.