De Blob (by THQ Wireless)

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The I.N.K.T. Corporation has declared "Colour is a Crime"! Only our unlikely hero de Blob can defeat the Inky soldiers that have leeched Chroma City of all its colour. Flip, bounce and smash your way to launch a color revolution and save your city!


• Casual Action-Puzzle game with a highly innovative and fresh approach.
• Accessible & addictive De Blob is for everyone!
Blob has “gelatinous” physics it bounces, resizes, rolls, changes its colour etc.
• Paint the town red…or green or blue or brown - Almost everything on the screen is paintable!
• Several game modes including Race Challenges, Combat Challenges etc.
• Varied gameplay with destructible items, narrow alleys, huge highways and water etc.
• Highly-Anticipated “de Blob” on Wii ™ and DS™ which hits the streets in the first half 2008 with THQ’s maximum marketing push creating hype around this unique title